We are Silicon Valley’s unquestioned “CFO-as-a-Service” leader at the highest skill level for public and private companies, regardless of company size or solution required. While most FLG clients have Silicon Valley roots, we are engaged by companies and their investors around the world. Here’s what our clients have to say about working with us.

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Who We Are

FLG Partners is a partnership of very experienced CFOs focused on a single mission: delivering high value-added interim and permanent leadership to our clients exclusively at the C-level and the board of directors. Comparable to a law firm, FLG is owned equally by each of the partners. But unlike a law firm, we have no junior staff. All FLG client work is done by one of our partners, and we do not use subcontractors or temporary consultants. Our culture is highly collaborative, leveraging over 600 years of collective CFO experience.

Our depth of experience is extensive, with private, public and startup experience at the CFO level and international experience in over 45 countries, all of which is leveraged for each client, no matter how small. The typical FLG partner has been a CFO for more than 20 years and has about 30 years of post-graduate business experience, the vast majority of which has been in Silicon Valley.

Collectively we have completed:

In addition, we offer clients our extensive network of trusted relationships, such as with venture firms, private equity firms, private investors, commercial & investment bankers, accounting & law firms, executive search & staffing firms, international tax consultants, and the myriad other referral resources that FLG clients need.

55 +
initial public offerings
8+ billion
debt raised in 160+ transactions
75 +

Representative Industry Experience

  • SaaS
  • Software
  • Biotechnology & Biopharma
  • Medtech & Medical Devices
  • Health Care Services
  • Diagnostics & Tools
  • Networking & Telecom
  • Internet Commerce
  • Financial & Professional Services
  • Venture Capital, Private Equity & Hedge Funds
  • Non-profits
  • Specialty Foods
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Consumer Products
  • GreenTech
  • Wine & Spirits
  • Investment Banking
  • Semiconductors & SemiCap
  • E-commerce & Electronic Payments
  • Public Accounting
  • Family Offices

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