Our services are tailored for the needs of the client. For example, public companies need a completely different solution than do non-profits. Also, FLG’s partners serve, and have served, on a variety of corporate boards, typically on the audit committee or the nomination and governance committee.

Public Companies

Public companies are demanding and exacting environments for CFOs. If your company has lost or expects to lose its CFO, you know that the search for a suitable replacement can take months. Yet the demand for a strong CFO continues; public markets can be very unforgiving of missteps here. We can do it all:

Running the Business
SEC Filings
Regulatory Requirements
Earnings Calls
Board & Annual Meetings
Investor Conferences

Whether your company is large or small, FLG Partners has extensive experience with providing public company interim CFO solutions, giving you, your board and your investors the confidence that everything is being handled crisply with competence and experience, allowing you the time to find the best possible replacement, however long that might take.

Partners with public company experience


Inspyr Therapeutics Appoints Chris Lowe as CEO

This morning FLG client Inspyr Therapeutics (OTCQB: NSPX, formerly known as GenSpera, Inc.) announced the appointment of FLG partner Chris Lowe as its CEO. Company press release.

Rocket Fuel Engages FLG Partners

Today Rocket Fuel (NASDAQ: FUEL) announced that it has retained FLG partner Cal Hoagland as interim CFO. Company press release.

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