Our services are tailored for the kind of client. Public companies need a completely different solution than do non-profits, for example. Also, FLG’s partners serve, and have served, on a variety of corporate boards, typically on the audit committee or the nomination and governance committee.

Startup Companies

The rapidly changing and uncertain environment of a startup company requires different CFO skills than in established companies. Your startup CFO needs are variable and less intensive, but you can’t afford to compromise. Making the right tactical and strategic choices now pay huge dividends as you grow and mature, and avoid costly and embarrassing rework later. You need a CFO, whether in a part-time or interim role, who is adept at operating in this very fluid environment, who understands the demands of your investors and has their confidence, and who can provide the critical guidance to you and your team.

FLG enjoys the confidence of Silicon Valley venture capitalists, having done work for many startups, generally defined as companies still dependent on external funding. We know how to rapidly gather trusted, high-performing resources for your company, how to gain access to marquee investors, raise debt and equity, and how to structure and implement the kind of management practices to enable your team to perform at their best in both the marketplace and the board room.

Partners with startup company experience


Auxogen, Inc. and Fidelity Authority Announce Merger

March 12, 2015 – Auxogyn, Inc. and Fertility Authority, LLC today announced the merger of the two companies. Press release. FLG partner: Mark Murray.

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